The Assignments

Scavenger Hunt
Each school will submit at least two images of each of the above items to the Flickr group.
Each image should have:
• a title
• a brief description that completes the sentence “This is...”

• Each student should comment on at least two images, one from the U.S. and one from Australia
• Comments should be positive and encouraging
• Comments should focus on the subject of the picture and do one of the following: ask a question,
compliment something specific, or make a comparison to life in the commenter’s town or village

•an elder      •person of importance      •someone born locally      •local food      •where you get food      •where you get water      •local art      •local tradition      •what young people do for fun      •popular piece of clothing      •traditional clothing      •a teacher      •school building      •one of your classes at school      •how you deal with trash      •where you get your mail      •where you sleep
•where you get medical care      •something important to children      •something important to teenagers      •something important to adults      •weirdest local thing you can find      •oldest thing you can find

• subject is the main focus       • subject is sharp         • subject is easy to see

• positive        • specific           • avoid vague terms like “good, nice”

Boredom - capture an image that illustrates the meaning of boredom
Excitement - capture an image that illustrates the meaning of excitement

Create a six word story for each image and post this as the title for the image.

Comment on at least two images from different countries. 
    •comments written in formal English with complete sentences 
        (use formal language conventions all you texters and chatters!)
    •comments are specific and detailed in nature.
        Ex:  ask a question, make a comparison, make a compliment

Each school submits a collection of images on the topics of boredom, and excitement.  Students can work in teams, partners or individuals, as decided by each classroom.

Teachers may wish to use the Six Word Story resources listed above to prepare students for giving their images a creative Six Word Story title.

Brief descriptions or explanations of the images are welcomed, and will enhance the story telling experience!

 may be spontaneous or planned
 may be edited or altered
 creativity is encouraged!

 specific and detailed
 use conventional English

Individuality and Conformity
Take a photo that represents either individuality or conformity. Use the following questions to help you write a reflection for the photo. Your reflection should be about 100 – 150 words.
What are ways that you can express your individuality?
Dr. Seuss once said, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” What did he mean by this quote?
What characteristics make you different from your friends and family members? Is it good or bad to be different? Does the pursuit of individuality alienate you from your community? Does the pursuit of individuality alienate you from your friends or family?
What would the world be like if everyone looked and acted the same?
In what ways do you feel pressured to conform to popular culture?
Do you feel that popular culture emphasizes individuality, or does it ask you to conform?
Do conformist trends in popular culture ever masquerade as individuality? Can you think of an example?
To what extent do individuals have to conform in order to be a part of a community?