Bering Strait School District Standards Addressed

Down Under/Up Over BSSD Standard Alignment

Social Studies
5SS.G, 5SS.U, 5SS.A, 6SS.G, 6SS.U, 6SS.A
5SS.A.11 Understands imports and exports of our state and region
5SS.A.12/5SS.G.10 Understands the use of resources in subsistence economies
5SS.U.08 Understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
5SS.G.14 Explains key elements of culture
6SS.A.09/6SS.U.11 Understand current issues being lobbied in Alaska
6SS.A.10 Understands the role of government in regulating the Alaskan economy (timber, fish, oil, tourism, mining)
6SS.G.18/6SS.US.24 Understands current issues in the context of historical events

Cultural Awareness
Levels 5 & 6
CA 5.01 Contributes own work to an art presentation or show in the class or school.
CA 5.02 Presents a written or oral explanation of own artwork.
CA 5.04 Creates consistent and recognizable dramatic characters (writes a play, improvisation).
CA 5.08 Recognizes and shows respect for different ways to interpret art.
CA 6.05 Share specific examples of how art impacts personal, and daily life.
CA 6.06 Identifies ways to overcome cultural differences in communication.

Levels 4 & 5
TE 4.7 Send and receive email with attachments, explain proper electronic communication etiquette, interacts with Moodle, blogs, gallery, and other electronic communication tools.
TE 4.8 Uses internet browsers to search the web, create and organize bookmarks, and locate valid information
TE 4.11 Create documents with structure, add pictures, copy, paste, undo.
TE 4.12 Uses technology tools to enter data, organize, and draw conclusions using spreadsheets, charts, and tables.
TE 4.16 Use technology tools (multimedia authoring, presentation, web tools, digital cameras, scanners) for individual writing, communication, and desktop publishing to create knowledge product for audiences.
TE 5.3 Individually downloads items designated by instructor.
TE 5.10 Import digital media (videos and photos)
TE 5.11 Independently uses and creates a variety of documents.
TE 5.12 Identifies basic components of a spreadsheet and uses functions to analyze data in real life situations (concessions expenses, exercise date, scientific data).
TE 5.13 Student will participate in a distance learning environment.
TE 5.14 Independently creates a presentation using a variety of media and archive to CD/DVD.
TE 5.15  Web Creation (personal webpage creation with CMS or blog / works on a collaborative website or blog)

Levels 6 & 7
RE 06.04/07.07 Applies complex, written, multi-step directions to real-life and identifies the sequence of steps involved (ie. Science experiment)
RE 06.03 Compares/contrasts the characteristics of the four major genres including their cultural influence
RE 07.05 Organizes relevant information in outline form when summarizing man ideas and supporting details
RE 07.08 Identifies bias/propaganda in an author's argument by citing evidence from a public document (newspapers/magazines/speeches)
RE 07.11 Identifies how texts reflect historical and cultural influences.

Levels 5 & 6
WR.05.03/06.03 Uses the entire writing process consistently (prewriting, drafting, evaluating, revising, proofreading, publishing or presenting) 
WR 06.02 Writes to a variety of audiences
WR 05.07/06.06 Revises writing to improve style, word choice, sentence variety, and subtlety of meaning in relation to the purpose, audience, and peer feedback.